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Rain Culture (Umbrella Etiquette)


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I had the opportunity to work at the film company called Chit Chat Productions under the direction of acclaimed filmmaker Brishkay Ahmed. During my employment at this company I edited a film trailer for Ahmed’s award winning documentary “The Story of Burqa”. This experience showed me the importance and value of collaborative working relationships: a skill beneficial to both my professional and academic pursuits.
Increased attention to the moving image, the cinematographic, was one crucial aspect of the European arts and sciences as they entwined toward the middle of the nineteenth century. (A.L.Rees, 16)
Rees, L., A., (2005). A History of Experimental Film and Video. London, England,: British Film Institute.


Night Stories: A Film by Niv Ende


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During my experiences in Los Angeles California I qualified for membership with the Screen Actors Guild for various performances in …

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I am a member of Geist of North America Literary community. The scope of my participation in this organization is submitting poetry and other literary works with the potential for publicaion.

Coyotes are jumping wolves with foxtails by Claire Robinson

Juggling the Lids- Claire Robinson


I am a graduating student of Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a specialization in Film Video and Integrated Media (FVIM). During my studies at Emily Carr I expanded my skill base in many areas outside of my major, including pursuing the advancement of my patented design: Liquid Container Cap with Integral Steeper (LCCIS). This design is the product of several years of innovation.
Having travelled to destinations such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Switzerland, USA, England and France I contemplated the design as a solution to messy, leaky and unmanageable liquid container lids. However it was only in North America that my design became actualized through the design and patenting process.
Having brought to standard the design in its current form I am confident in showcasing it to the public with the goal of creating broad public awareness about the necessity to innovate conventional liquid container lids as they exist on our current global market. More specifically the design enhances the experience of consuming tea contained in a disposable container by way of a special hook integrated to fit seamlessly within existing disposable lid designs. The lid can be manufactured eco–consciously thereby acknowledging a contemporary shift in the market toward eco-friendly materials. My design has been shown in the Concourse Gallery and several online design sharing venues, which I operate as part of my growing art and design endeavors.
I continue to work on improving this design while maintaining a busy academic and professional schedule as sole owner of Green Light Productions: a media production company, and Reel Lids: focusing on research, development, manufacturing and marketing of the design. This is important because it displays that I am dedicated to pursuing academic studies while maintaining an active role in extracurricular activities outside the classroom setting. I continue to develop the skills and expertise needed to be successful in the field of Theatre but also activities that contribute to community as a whole.

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In 2013 Aboriginal Physical Activity and Cultural Circle awarded me with the leading female athlete award. The money I received from the award helped me fund my graduating film project for my studies at Emily Carr.